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Humanity’s Future
Begins With You……Baby !

What sort of world are we leaving our children? What sort of world will our grandchildren inherit? The shift in humanity’s consciousness begins in the womb. The pregnant mother is carrying the survival of our planet in her belly.

Newborn babies are pure, loving & filled with an inner awe & gratitude. No baby is born violent or angry or depressed.
They are all born with the potential to be great leaders and visionaries of our world.

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10 Meditation Tips for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement, and also a time where you realise you are now responsible for a growing human being. This, of course, means lots of preparation and change in the way you currently live your life, which brings its own concerns and issues Recent research has shown that a daily meditation practice during pregnancy has many beneficial effects both for the pregnant mum and also her developing baby.

Meditation can improve birth weight…

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