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Private Sessions, Holistic Pregnancy Group Classes, Pregnancy Packages, Workshops & Retreats 

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Holistic Pregnancy Group Classes – 6 week program

Fun and interactive holistic pregnancy program for those mums wanting a happy and healthy pregnancy, and a happy and healthy baby.

Some of the program benefits are:

  • Being more relaxed and peaceful during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby
  • Less fearful of pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Feeling emotionally balanced throughout your pregnancy
  • Having a more healthy and peaceful baby
  • More in tune with your unborn baby
  • Being more confident of your ‘mothering’ skills once baby is born
  • Gaining skills on being more happy and healthy during pregnancy, and throughout life

Included in the program:

  • Stress relief strategies
  • Ways to reduce emotional overwhelm
  • Overcome fears for pregnancy, labour & birth
  • Self hypnosis techniques to reduce pain and be more relaxed
  • Guided pregnancy meditations
  • Healthy mind, healthy body techniques
  • Super foods & super drinks for pregnancy
  • Meaning of dreams during pregnancy
  • Natural sleep remedies
  • Healthy pregnancy meal plans
  • Developing your ‘mothering’ intuition
  • ‘green’ cleaning recipes
  • Mum and bub connection sessions
  • ….and more

The program will run for 1 night a week for 6 weeks, with each weekly class being approximately 2 hours.

Cost of Program:

Full 6 week program: $ 245 (includes Holisitic Pregnancy manual, Sacred Pregnancy Journal pdf & 6 self hypnosis & meditation mp3 audios)

Casual visit: $ 50 (materials can be purchased separately)

The classes are fully interactive and are facilitated by Donna Attard – a trained counsellor, food coach, clinical hypnotherapist & natural therapist. Donna is the mother of 4 sons, and has a grandson.

Included in program: ‘Holistic Pregnancy’ manual, self hypnosis and meditation mp3 audios and the ‘Sacred Pregnancy Journal’ pdf.

Please call Donna on 0412 825 058 for more details


My Sacred Baby PRIVATE Consultation

  • Pregnancy Wellbeing for Body, Mind & Emotions
  • Pregnancy Health Plan
  • How to Prevent Prenatal Anxiety & Post Natal Depression
  • Mind – Body Techniques for Pregnancy
  • Releasing Fears Around Pregnancy, Labour & Birth
  • How to Have a Relaxed Labour & Birth
  • How to Define & Reach Your Pregnancy Goals
  • Addressing Personal Concerns Regarding Physical, Emotional & Mental Health
  • The Important Role of the Father / Partner During Your Pregnancy Journey
  • Relaxing & Calming Guided Meditations for Pregnancy
  • Deeper Connection Between Mum and Bub
  • Discover Self Hypnosis Techniques That You Can Use Throughout Your Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Beyond
  • ‘Baby Whispers’ – Intuitive Communication with Your Unborn Baby
  • My Sacred Baby Aromatherapy Pregnancy Blend

Initial consultation 90 minutes $ 180
Follow up sessions (if required) 50 minutes $ 120

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One-on-One Private 4 SESSION PACKAGE

1st Session:

  • Pregnancy Wellness Assessment
  • Assess Pregnancy Stress Levels
  • Pregnancy Counselling
  • Stress Relief Meditation
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • The Power of Healthy Beliefs
  • Letting Go of Fears (level 1)
  • Pregnancy and Fluctuating Emotions
  • Deep Baby Connection using a Special Pregnancy Meditation
  • Stress Relief Meditation CD to use at home
  • Pregnancy Journal


2nd Session:

  • Pregnancy & Wellness Coaching
  • Pregnancy Counselling
  • Monitoring Stress Levels
  • Reducing Maternal Prenatal Stress
  • Mini Relaxation Meditation
  • Letting Go of Fears (level 2) – Sedona Method
  • Pregnancy Health Plan review
  • Healthy Communication Strategies for You & Your Partner
  • Personal Relationship Bonding & Connection
  • What Are Your Expectations of Self and Others?
  • Creating ‘Me’ Time
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Pregnancy Self Hypnosis CD to use at home
  • Self Reflection Worksheets


 3rd Session:

  • Pregnancy & Wellness Coaching
  • Pregnancy Counselling
  • Monitoring Stress Levels
  • Pregnancy Health Plan review
  • Bub in Belly Connection Meditation
  • Milestones of Your Pregnancy Journey
  • Learn Personal Self Hypnosis Techniques to Use for Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Mind – Body Strategies
  • Oxytocin & Its Benefits Throughout Pregnancy
  • Learn How to Enhance Your Intuition to ‘Communicate’ With Your Baby
  • Pregnancy Stress Buster Meditation CD to use at home


4th Session:

  • Pregnancy & Wellness Coaching
  • Pregnancy Health Plan review
  • Exploring the Journey from Pregnancy to Parenthood
  • Divine Mother Guided Meditation
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • Releasing Fears Around Pregnancy, Labour & Birth
  • Personal Self Hypnosis & Meditation Techniques for Use During Labour & Birth
  • Preventing Pre Natal Anxiety & Post Natal Depression
  • Personal Energy Field Clearing & Emotional Balance
  • Sending ‘Light & Love’ To Your Unborn Baby exercise
  • Personal Energy Cleansing Guided Meditation CD to use at home

4 x 1 Hour Session Package$ 495

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My Sacred Baby workshop

  • Learn natural and powerful self hypnosis techniques for your pregnancy and birth
  • Discover 5 ways to relieve stress in your life
  • Guided relaxation and mindful meditations
  • Learn strategies to ‘cleanse’ the energy of your home/work environment
  • The easy ways to create your own natural and safe cleaning products
  • Recognising your body as temple for the evolution of your sacred baby
  • Powerful meditations to cleanse personal energy field and that of the baby
  • Become more highly intuitive and ‘speak’ with your baby
  • Discover how your body’s chakras can bring physical & emotional wellbeing
  • Learn how to raise and sustain your own energy
  • Learn to become more conscious of what you ‘eat, drink and think’ which affects your health and the wellbeing of your baby

1 day workshop 10am to 4pm $ 240


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My Sacred Baby Meditation Group

  • Let go of Stress & Worry
  • Feel Your Body Become Deeply Relaxed and Calm
  • Learn to Breathe Deeply for Your Health & the Health of Your Baby
  • Learn to Work with the Power of Your Own Stillness Within
  • Reduce Tension in Your Body
  • Have Better Sleep
  • Have A Clearer Mind

1 Hour Meditation  $ 30
Meditation Package $ 150 – pay for 5 meditation classes and get the 6th one free !



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