Pregnancy and Your Chakras

Pregnancy and Your Chakras

The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit and the term refers to unseen energy centres in the body. The chakras are not a part of the physical body, although they are associated with certain endocrine glands and nerve plexus of the body. There are seven main chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and the Crown; with 2 more main Chakras that extend beyond the physical body. These are the Earth and Soul Chakras. There are also many minor chakras in the body.

The Base chakra is located at the very bottom of the spine. It symbolizes existence and survival, as well as a feeling of security, which you give to your baby both before and after their birth.

The Sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area, just below the navel. It is associated with your ovaries, which produce many of the hormones of early pregnancy, as well as with your baby’s gonads. It is also connected to physical and emotional needs, which are felt very strongly in pregnancy and in infancy.

The Solar Plexus, or navel chakra is located just above the navel. Your baby’s navel is the outward symbol of their connection to you. It is associated with emotional and intellectual growth, a process in which you will play a big role in your baby’s life.

The Heart chakra is located around your physical heart space. It is associated with the immune system, which alters its function during pregnancy in order to protect your baby. The heart chakra is associated with love.

The Throat chakra is located in the area of your neck and throat. It is associated with the thyroid gland, which plays a very important role in pregnancy because it stimulates metabolism. The throat chakra is also connected to areas of communication, between you and your baby.

The Brow, or Third Eye chakra, is located between your eyes on your forehead. It is associated with inner guidance, such as the spiritual instincts of the mother and baby.

The Crown chakra is located at the crown of the head. It is very important in pregnancy because of the production of hormones. It is also associated with the physical connection to the divine and with rebirth.

During your pregnancy, your baby’s own chakras develop. The characteristics and capabilities associated with each chakra begin to develop in your unborn baby early in pregnancy, starting with the base chakra. Dysfunction of the mother’s endocrine system or immune system, which are associated with the chakras, may affect the growth and development of the baby. Holistic and natural treatments can help to resolve these problems. Knowledge of the chakras during pregnancy can help you appreciate the miracle of your pregnancy and your sacred baby even more. Once your baby is born, being informed about clearing and balancing the chakras helps with baby massage and parental bonding.

Dreams & Their Meaning During Pregnancy


Most women find that they can recall dreams in greater detail and with more frequency during pregnancy. Also certain themes pop up in their dreams time and again, which makes them wonder about the meaning of their dreams. All of the dreams have sub-conscious meanings related to their process of pregnancy, birth and after the birth of baby. The aggravation of unpleasant or odd dreams during pregnancy is because there is an up-burst of hormones during that phase. Some say that the stress hormone cortisol can also be blamed because it tends to rise during the course of pregnancy and especially during the course of night.

Whatever the reason for weird dreams, we have come up with a few dreams and their interpretation, while researching with pregnant women.

  1. Dreaming about giving birth to a fully grown baby, able to feed and clothe itself signifies the pregnant women’s anxiety about caring for a helpless baby, especially in the first pregnancy.
  2. Driving an awkward and large vehicle like a bus or truck indicates the physical changes in a woman’s body such as expansion of belly that leads her to feel unwieldy and clumsy.
  3. Dreams about construction places imply the pregnant woman’s sense of her enlarging inner space, and also the baby that is being made inside her body.
  4. Discovering that her partner is having an affair signifies the woman’s anxiety of returning back to her attractive self, and the effects of her pregnancy on her appearance.
  5. Dreams about floating in your neighbor’s pool or surfing on a wave can be a reflection of physical sensations, such as feeling the baby moving in amniotic fluid or waiting for your waters to break.
  6. It is very common to dream about birthing something other than a baby, like an animal or fish. Dreams about cuddly, cute animals reflect a new mother’s excitement about welcoming the newborn. On the other hand unsettling dreams represent anxiety about giving birth and the new addition.
  7. Dreaming about the gender of your baby basically signifies that you are thinking about gender issues. Some people want a certain gender and such dreams indicate preferences even when the mum might not be realizing it.
  8. Dreams of birthing or unrealistic interpretations of acts like delivering in a taxi depicts a woman’s concern about losing control or getting worried about things not going normal or according to planned schedule.
  9. Dreams about being trapped in a building or submerged in water signify your concern about losing your freedom after becoming a parent. Despite wanting a child you have a deep concern about having a person who will depend on you for over 18 years.

It is very normal to have worrying dreams during pregnancy because of the physical and mental turmoil you are going through regarding your relationship, body changes, psychological and physical change. While moderate nightmares can be a great sign on coping and adaptation, extreme repetitive nightmares can be a signal that there is something troubling going on. If your dreams are bothering you, talk with your partner or health professional.

Sacred Baby Pregnancy Journal

An 81 page pregnancy journal

An 81 page pregnancy journal

The ‘Sacred Baby Pregnancy Journal’ is more than just a journal. It is a weekly guide to support you having the happiest and healthiest pregnancy possible, and to help you create a loving and nurturing environment for your unborn baby to thrive and grow.

The ‘Sacred Baby Pregnancy Journal’ begins at Week 4 (this is usually the earliest pregnancy is confirmed), through to the ‘Big Day’, Week 40 ! Inside this journal you will find healthy pregnancy ideas, pregnancy affirmations, pregnancy dream journal (grab a free copy of ‘Dreams and What They Mean During Pregnancy’ on our website, weekly mini meditations (that you can record for yourself), self hypnosis sessions, and lots of tips to make your pregnancy relaxed, happy and joy-filled.

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Benefits of Baby Massage

baby massage sequence

Learn the correct techniques and sequences for massaging your own baby.

Not only does baby massage help with parent and infant bonding and attachment, there are numerous physical, emotional, mental and learning benefits as well.

Strengthens your baby’s immune system
Relaxes baby’s skeletal muscle
Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
Reduces baby anxiety and stress
Improves baby’s alertness
Improves baby’s lung function
Can enhance baby’s emotions & improve their mood
Reduces stress hormone levels in baby & their parents
Improves baby’s sleep & regulates their sleeping patterns
Improves digestive, respiratory & circulatory systems
Enhances baby’s learning capacity
Enhances baby’s cognitive and motor development
Increases weight gain in low birth weight infants
Assists pain relief
Reduces stress during medical procedures
Reduces crying
Enhances baby bonding and attachment
Enhances baby’s body awareness
Increases myelination of the brain & nervous system
Reduces post natal depression in new mums


the best oils to use for your baby’s massage
what is the ‘permission sequence’
when should you not massage your baby
what parts of the baby need to be massaged first
what are the various massage stroke techniques for the different parts of the body ?
Learn to Massage Your Own Baby from a Qualified Instructor
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Learn the basics of baby massage. The 1 Hour Introductory class covers basic massage techniques, recognising babies signals in regards to when they do and don’t want massage, contraindications for when not to massage your baby, and appropriate oils to use during massage. A great introductory class to introduce your baby to the various massage techniques, and to give you the confidence to massage your baby.


Session 1:
Appropriate oils to use on babies and infants, Learn the massage Permission Sequence, Massage Strokes for the Legs and Buttocks, Contraindications – those times when massage should be avoided. Parent relaxation techniques

Session 2:
Learn about the many benefits of baby massage, Recognising baby’s daily cycle and the best time to massage, recognising baby’s signals in regards to when they do and don’t want massage, Powerful Bonding with Baby techniques, Strokes for the abdomen and chest, Touch Relaxation

Session 3:
Developing massage strokes to suit your growing child; Strokes for the arms, face and back; Colic discussion; Strokes to prevent and relieve Colic, Constipation & Wind

Session 4:
Exercises to keep baby flexible and assist lymphatic drainage, Review of the full massage routine

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