“During my third trimester I realised I still had some mental blocks about the birthing process that I wanted to address and felt a real need to connect to my baby. This is when I contacted Donna. We did the session in bub’s nursery. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. My fears were literally gone after the session -to the point I couldn’t even recall my two major concerns. During the session we worked on a visualisation for when bub was being born. This helped me immensely during the peak of the birthing process. I did the Sacred Baby Sessions along with Acupuncture during my 3rd trimester and I couldn’t have been more ready/prepared/excited for the birth of bub. Donna is so calming, gentle, professional and knowledgeable – I would recommend this to every pregnant lady!”
Thanks heaps again donna!
Katie, Burleigh Heads, Qld

My pregnancy experience has been forever changed due to My Sacred Baby sessions with Donna. I am more connected and in tune with my baby than I ever imagined I could be. My body is healthy & my mind relaxed.
KL, Physiotherapist, Qld, Australia

Thank you Donna for your amazing counselling/hypnotherapy sessions ! Every session has been deeply insightful, relaxing and calming. I can really feel the powerful effect on both my conscious and subconscious mind. I am back enjoying my life, with good eating habits and good health again. I highly recommend Donna’s work.
Kristy L, Nutritionist, Gold Coast, Australia

Donna has such a beautiful gift – her art of healing. I have been going through a very rough time. Sessions with Donna turned my life around, from going further into the darkness, to a place of hope. I am still on my journey but look forward to reviving myself to who I was. Can’t wait to have Donna again in Sydney.
I recommend anyone to see Donna for healing, counselling and feeing the compassion she has for people.
Rish – Waterloo, Sydney Australia

Being the author of ‘From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets’ it is important to me to align myself with practitioners who ooze of integrity and truth. Donna is such a person, and I am proud to know her and recommend her. Over the past eighteen months whilst being of support to others, I sometimes forget to take care of myself in the area of stress management, and Donna agreed to volunteer herself for the task of being my practitioner.
My trust is her abilities as a hypnotherapist was there immediately. We needed to work on my subconscious self-sabotaging I was starting to do to myself when I became tired. One session with Donna and I was back on track. Donna’s gentle true loving nature comes through with everyone she meets. Her background as a meditation teacher and facilitator, holistic counsellor and medical intuitive makes her a very gifted natural therapist.
Kristine S Matheson, Author-From Cancer to Wellness, Gold Coast, Qld Australia

I used to play your Meditation for Children cd to my son who was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and struggled for a few years in his early teens. He loved the cd. He’s 24 now and is a well adjusted happy young man and has just about out grown the tourette’s.A girlfriend of mine is a single mother of 2 young boys, one is autistic.
She struggles most days with him. I thought of your cd and went searching. Thank you for such a wonderful, relaxing, healing meditation for children.
Kerrie, New South Wales, Australia

Donna is a gifted channel of divine energy.Every therapy session and meditation includes messages and information from beyond.Her meditations are always tranquil and calming.I have attended Donna’s groups for many years and have always found them to be deeply meaningful, filled with spiritual guidance and inspiration.
Her meditation sessions are always light hearted and fun & I leave with a sense of joy in my heart and a lightness in my step.Donna’s meditations have certainly enhanced my own spiritual journey. I would highly recommend her meditations and her personalised energy and trance therapies to anyone who wants to gain clarity, inner peace and guidance in their lives.
Thank you Donna, for all your beautiful channelled messages and vibrational energy alignments.I look forward to many more wonderful get togethers.
Andrea – Medical Intuitive, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia

Donna is the best meditation guide I have come across.Her meditations are like being there. Each one is different, and comes out for the benefit of all present at the session – healing for those who need healing, destinations for those needing to go places, messages for those needing to hear them.
Combined with the ‘quick’ card reading to enhance psychic development at the end of the meditation, even those who have never read a card before always do a perfect reading as they learn to tune into the uplifted energy in the room. Everyone leaves uplifted, satisfied with where we went and with the message we needed to hear. I try very hard not to miss any
of Donna’s sessions.
Timothy Ellis. (Healer), Gold Coast Australia

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