The Future Begins With You………Baby !

What sort of world are we leaving our children? What sort of world will our grandchildren inherit? Will our great grandchildren have to walk around with masks just to get enough oxygen to breathe? The shift in humanity’s consciousness begins in the womb. The pregnant mother is carrying the survival of our planet in her belly. Newborn babies are pure, loving and filled with an inner awe and gratitude. No baby is born violent or angry or depressed. They are all born with the potential to be great leaders and visionaries of our world.

We, as human beings, are the dominant species upon the planet. But something is going terribly wrong. We are destroying our planetary home. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat – all becoming contaminated. The animal kingdom is hunted, mistreated and killed for human pleasure and greed. Forests and jungles are being wiped out and destroyed. It seems humans are becoming more violent and angry, with little or no regard for their fellow man, or anything else on this planet. Child abuse is on the increase, domestic violence reaching dizzying heights.

So why do humans seem so angry and stressed? Does this come back to the nature/nurture concept? The nature concept of our biology is based on genetic and ancestral lineage and the immediate surrounds of the growing child’s environment. The nurture concept is about human involvement – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual upbringing.

So how can this nature/nurture concept create a more loving world? How can humans find happiness?

The theory of evolution espouses that we evolve and mutate according to our situations and environment. What mutations are going on within us now so that our genetic makeup can adapt to the changes in our existence? Evolutionary change takes place over time. Do we have the time? Is it human destiny that our species is coming to an end?

For me, there is an inner urge and desire for self preservation and survival. I am a Mum, and have 4 grown sons, and a grandchild. With I’m sure more to come in the next few years. I want to live, I want to survive. I want my children, and my future generations to be happy, and live in a peaceful world, where there is love and freedom – surrounded by the beauty of nature and all the wondrous things upon our planet.

The parents-to-be have the responsibility of shaping and moulding a new personality. A new little human with its own thoughts, feelings and emotions. A new little being who is shown how to love and to have reverence for this earth…….or complete disregard.

A small baby who is shown by example that love is the most important thing above all else. Love for self, and love for all others. A new little being that recognises the value and significance of all that lives and reigns upon the planet, that honours, loves and respects their own uniqueness; and loves, honours and respects the uniqueness in others.
Our future parents-to-be are the cornerstone of the positive shift in human consciousness. They have the responsibility to clear their old dysfunctional behaviours and habitual patterns of response while pregnant, or ideally prior to conception. This is where the unborn will grow in the womb energy that the parents create. The foundation of their baby’s personality, values and beliefs is started in the womb. My belief is that the educating of our young people, our parents-to-be is where the future outcome of our planet resides.

Ongoing maternal stress has been known to affect the health of a mother’s pregnancy, the birth, and the health and happiness of her baby into adulthood. Current statistics show that domestic violence is the second highest cause of death for pregnant women (road trauma being the number one cause).

Dysfunctional and stressed pregnancies may create dysfunctional and stressed adults.
Loving and peace filled pregnancies are more likely to create loving and peace filled adults.

What sort of world do you want your future generations to be born into?

The change begins now, with you.

Begin to find peace and happiness within. Learn to meditate. Discover relaxation and stress relief strategies. Bless your life with gratitude and appreciation for all that you have now – your health, your family, living in a safe country, clean air to breathe – all the good yet simple things in life. Create an energy flow of love and peace within yourself, which reaches out and influences your family, which touches your friends, which creates a drop of love in the sea of humanity. which ripples out and affects the many.

I don’t know what the long-term solution is. Some short term solutions are:

  • Holistic Pregnancy Education
  • Newborn Parenting Skills Education
  • Learning Meditation and Self Hypnosis techniques
  • Using Stress Relief strategies
  • Having Gratitude and Appreciation for what already is
  • I do know that we need to nurture, love and support the sacred babies that are being born, and are yet to be born in this world. We need to support our new parents, and parents-to-be so they can provide the happiest and most loving space possible for their baby. Our children need to know the beauty of the flowers and trees, the joy of animals, caring for the environment, and experience the love and support of family and the extended earth family.

    We are all one – one species living upon a beauty filled earth.

    You, as a human, are a part of the problem.
    You, as a species, are a part of the solution.

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